Press Release – America’s Largest In-Store Service Company is Getting Bigger

//Press Release – America’s Largest In-Store Service Company is Getting Bigger

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Bill Brenner, President MCG Market Connect Group

Bloomfield, New Jersey (March 1, 2019) – MCG (Market Connect Group), America’s largest provider of in-store services for general merchandise retailers, has acquired Merchandise Management Company.

With a nationwide team of thousands of in-store employees, MCG is the leader in providing retailers and brands the most comprehensive range of services including product merchandising, visual display, on-site demonstrations, dedicated brand ambassadors, and market intelligence. Clients benefit from MCG’s unique, 24/7 cloud-based reporting platform that provides immediate access to time-sensitive information.

Merchandise Management Company has over 40 years of experience in the visual merchandising arena and nearly 1,000 associates spanning the 48 continental United States. This highly specialized team will supplement MCG to create an unparalleled in-store experience.

The acquisition of Merchandise Management Company by MCG will result in a larger network of hands-on talent with more service tools. These retail experts live and work within 10 miles of every major American shopping center. With more hands and eyes dedicated to elevating in-store visual standards and offering live product demonstrations, clients will have the opportunity to maximize their sales and increase consumer engagement at over 20,000 locations.

“With this acquisition, we now have a team of 4,000 talented associates offering an even bigger and broader scope to in-store service,” says MCG President, Bill Brenner. “Brands and retailers will be able to take advantage of both companies’ expertise to make the ‘final 50 feet’ of a product’s journey the most productive.”

With MCG and Merchandise Management Company together… success is in store.

MCG is dedicated to generating success for all clients. Their constant “search for more” approach drives MCG to challenge the current retail landscape, make recommendations to partners and implement unique strategies that will create separation at point-of-sale. MCG is a destination that showcases products, creates excitement, customer interaction and an omnichannel experience.

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Since their humble beginnings as an inventory count service in 1979, Merchandise Management Company (MMC, and subsidiary Wolfe Retail Services – WRS) has evolved into an industry leading merchandising partner. They collaborate with vendors and national retailers to provide in-store merchandising and marketing support. They enhance the consumer’s in-store experience by allowing them to shop in an attractive, fully stocked and organized retail environment. They strive to ensure merchandise is front and forward and that the displays and fixtures are a pleasure to buy from.